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 +# $EPIC: decode.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/26 19:47:17 sthalik Exp $
 +   * If the <text> argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
 +   * The <text> argument must be text that was previously returned by the $[[encode]]() function.  All other inputs will yield undefined results.
 +   * This function returns the original <text> that was passed to the $[[encode]]() function.
 +   * Hardcoding $[[encode]]()d values into your script IS A BAD THING.  Please be aware that $[[encode]]() may change in the future and your script will break and IT WON'T BE MY FAULT.
 +See the [[encode]](6) help page for examples.
 +Given a string returned by [[encode]](), it returns the original arguments
 +to the [[encode]]() function.
 +$encode(hello there)               returns "GIGFGMGMGPCAHEGIGFHCGF"
 +$decode(GIGFGMGMGPCAHEGIGFHCGF)    returns "hello there"
 +$decode($encode(hello there))      returns "hello there"
 +This function first appeared in ircII-2.2pre8
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