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 +[[ctcp]] //<​target>//​ //<​command>//​ \\ 
 +[[ctcp]] //<​target>//​ //<​command>//​ //<​arguments>//​
 +[[CTCP]] is the **C**lient **T**o **C**lient **P**rotocol. ​ The purpose
 +of CTCP is to send requests for information to other clients on the
 +network, instead of the server. ​ CTCP messages are specially coded and
 +the client to which you send a CTCP request will respond if it supports
 +the request.
 +You, the user, have complete control over the CTCP implementation.
 +You may change how CTCP requests are handled, you may suppress
 +certain CTCP requests, and you can create new CTCP commands for others' ​
 +use.  To find out what CTCP commands that your client understands,​
 +use [[ctcp clientinfo|/​CTCP <your nickname>​ CLIENTINFO]]
 +You can send a CTCP message to any target you can [[msg]], so it is 
 +You cannot send CTCP requests in an [[ON]] that was generated by a message from
 +an irc server (such as [[ON MSG]], [[ON PUBLIC]], or [[ON NOTICE]]), because
 +the IRC protocol does not permit it.  You can send CTCP requests in an [[ON]]
 +that was generated by a [[DCC CHAT]] connection.
 +Not all CTCP implementations are equal. ​ Other clients will support mor
 +or less requests than this client does.  There is no way to guarantee ​
 +that any CTCP request will succeed.
 +CTCP requests you send are hooked with [[ON SEND_CTCP]],​ and the replies you
 +get back are hooked with [[ON CTCP_REPLY]]. CTCP requests you receive are
 +handled with [[ON CTCP_REQUEST]],​ if you want to want to override the default
 +behavior, and [[ON CTCP]], if the default behavior is ok.  The [[ctcp]] command
 +sends a ctcp reply when you're inside these two latter ons.
 +If you [[SET VERBOSE_CTCP]] ON, then a message will be displayed any time
 +someone sends you a [[ctcp]] request.
 +If [[SET NO_CTCP_FLOOD]] is ON, then [[ctcp]] requests
 +from others are answered only if it there has been a gap of 2 seconds since
 +the last [[ctcp]] request. ​
 +EPIC is able to send [[ctcp]] requests over an [[encrypt]]ed
 +conversation. ​ This permits you to send sensitive [[ctcp]] requests (such 
 +as [[dcc]] offers) discretely. ​ Most other clients do not support this.
 +To request the version of another client:
 +      /ctcp version nickname
 +To ping a client that you have a DCC CHAT connection to:
 +      /ctcp =nickname ping
 +To make a client echo back the the arguments you send it:
 +      /ctcp nickname echo send this back
 +======CTCP Sub-help files======
 +[[ctcp action|ACTION]] [[ctcp clientinfo|CLIENTINFO]] [[ctcp echo|ECHO]] [[ctcp
 +finger|FINGER]] [[ctcp ping|PING]] [[ctcp time|TIME]] [[ctcp
 +userinfo|USERINFO]] [[ctcp utc|UTC]] [[ctcp version|VERSION]]
 +# $EPIC: ctcp.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/24 07:11:25 sthalik Exp $
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