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 +======Overview of commands======
 +Commands are the way for interacting with the client. They allow various tasks
 +to be done - interacting with the remote server, changing client'​s user
 +interface (including, but not limited to managing [[window|windows]] and
 +changing [[bind|key bindings]]),​ [[programming|programming the client]] and
 +much more.
 +Below is a list of all of the commands grouped by the domain they operate in.
 +=====IRC commands=====
 +====Channel-related commands====
 +|[[invite]]|invite a person to a channel|
 +|[[join]]|join a channel|
 +|[[kick]]|forcibly remove a person from a channel|
 +|[[knock]]|send a message to a channel asking to invite you|
 +|[[me]]|perform an action sent to a channel|
 +|[[mode]]|change channel modes|
 +|[[names]]|retrieve a list of people attending a channel|
 +|[[part]]|leave a channel|
 +|[[topic]]|set achannel'​s topic|
 +|[[who]]|retrieve information about a channel or a person|
 +====IRC operator commands====
 +|[[connect_command|connect]]|link to another server|
 +|[[deop]]|relinquish your operator privileges|
 +|[[die]]|shut down your server|
 +|[[kill]]|forcibly remove a person from a server|
 +|[[oper]]|gain operator privileges|
 +|[[rehash]]|reload irc server'​s configuration file|
 +|[[restart]]|restart your server|
 +|[[squit]]|unlink another server|
 +|[[wallops]]|send an announcement|
 +====Network-specific commands====
 +|[[rping]]|check a round-trip-time between you and an Undernet server|
 +|[[servlist]]|read a list of IRCnet services|
 +|[[squery]]|query an IRCnet service|
 +|[[silence]]|add or remove a server-side ignore|
 +|[[uping]]|check a round-trip time between you and an Undernet server|
 +|[[userip]]|retrieve user's IP address on Undernet and Hybrid servers|
 +|[[usrip]]|retrieve user's IP address in old hybrid servers|
 +====Sending messages====
 +|[[ctcp]]|send request for information to a client|
 +|[[dcc]]|send or receive a file or a client-to-client chat offer|
 +|[[msg]]|send a message to a person or a channel|
 +|[[notice]]|send a notice to a person or a channel|
 +|[[ping]]|check a round-trip-time between you and given target|
 +====Network-related information====
 +|[[admin]]|retrieve administrative whereabouts about a server|
 +|[[info_command|info]]|retrieve information about an irc server|
 +|[[lusers]]|see how many users are connected to the network|
 +|[[map_command|map]]|see a topological map of connected servers|
 +|[[motd_command|motd]]|see the Message Of The Day|
 +|[[stats]]|ask a server for general purpose information|
 +|[[time_command|time]]|see system time of given server|
 +|[[trace]]|retrieve information about a route between you and specified server and provide a list of local clients|
 +|[[version_command|version]]|retrieve server'​s irc server software version|
 +|[[away]]|mark yourself away|
 +|[[describe]]|send an action to an arbitrary target|
 +|[[ison]]|check whether people are online in an efficient way|
 +|[[links]]|retrieve a list of all servers|
 +|[[list]]|list all channels on a network|
 +|[[nick]]|change your nick|
 +|[[notify_command|notify]]|client interface to the /[[ison]] command|
 +|[[quote]]|send a raw message to an irc server|
 +|[[userhost_command|userhost]]|retrieve user's hostname|
 +|[[wallchops]]|send a message to channel'​s operators|
 +|[[whois]]|retrieve detailed information about a user|
 +|[[whowas]]|retrieve [[whois]] information about a user that has already left the server|
 +====Control flow====
 +|[[break]]|break out from a loop|
 +|[[continue]]|move to the next iteration of a loop|
 +|[[do]]|a loop that's executed at least once|
 +|[[fec]]|iterate all characters in a string|
 +|[[fe]]|iterate all words in a string|
 +|[[for]]|general purpose loop|
 +|[[foreach]]|iterate between items in a structure|
 +|[[if]]|conditional statement|
 +|[[repeat_command|repeat]]|repeat given command or block an arbitrary number of times|
 +|[[return]]|end a procedure and return a value|
 +|[[switch]]|conditional statement for multiple possible values|
 +|[[unless]]|inverse conditional statement|
 +|[[until]]|execute a loop until a condition is true|
 +|[[while]]|execute a loop as long as a condition is true|
 +====Debugging information====
 +|[[abort]]|create a core dump of EPIC process|
 +|[[allocdump]]|retrieve a log of all heap memory used by an EPIC process|
 +|[[call]]|retrieve a "​stack"​ trace of currently executed alias|
 +|[[xdebug_command|xdebug]]|access undocumented debugging features|
 +====Functions,​ commands and hooks====
 +|[[alias_command|alias]]|create a command or a function|
 +|[[bind]]|assign an action to a key|
 +|[[hook]]|throw an [[on hook]] event|
 +|[[on]]|execute commands when specific event occurs|
 +|[[rbind]]|check which keys are bound to given command|
 +|[[shook]]|throw an event for /on|
 +|[[stub]]|create a load-on demand [[alias command|alias]] or [[assign]]|
 +====External scripting languages====
 +|[[ruby command|ruby]]||
 +|[[tcl command|tcl]]||
 +|[[assign]]|assign a value to a variable|
 +|[[beep]]|send **%%^%%G** to the terminal|
 +|[[bless]]|extend the scope of a block|
 +|[[botmode]]|detach a client operating in "dumb mode" into the background|
 +|[[comment]]|insert a comment to script'​s source|
 +|[[defer]]|execute a command when the client is idle|
 +|[[dump]]|delete your [[alias command|alias]]es,​ [[assign]]s and/or [[on]]s|
 +|[[echo]]|echo some text to a terminal|
 +|[[eval]]|expand and execute a string|
 +|[[input]]|display an input prompt to the user|
 +|[[input_char]]|display an input prompt for a single character|
 +|[[load]]|load a script from a file|
 +|[[local]]|create a local variable|
 +|[[package]]|"​group"​ your [[assign]]s,​ [[alias command|alias]]es and similar with a common package name|
 +|[[parsekey]]|execute a [[bind]]-specific function|
 +|[[pause]]|perform a non-blocking sleep|
 +|[[pop_command|pop]]|remove last word of a variable|
 +|[[pretend]]|"​pretend"​ some text was received from a remote server|
 +|[[push_command|push]]|append a word to the variable|
 +|[[queue]]|schedule command(s) for later execution|
 +|[[redirect]]|send a copy of all output to given target|
 +|[[say]]|send text to the current channel|
 +|[[send]]|send text to current channel or query|
 +|[[sendline]]|send a line of text as it would be typed by the user in the input prompt|
 +|[[shift command|shift]]|remove the first word off of a variable|
 +|[[sleep]]|perform a blocking sleep|
 +|[[stack]]|store [[alias command|aliases]],​ [[assign|variables]],​ [[on|ons]] and others in a stack|
 +|[[subpackage]]|create a branch in current [[package]]|
 +|[[timer]]|run a command or a block after some time had elapsed|
 +|[[type]]|simulate user keystrokes on the command line|
 +|[[unload]]|unload a script packaged by the [[package]] command|
 +|[[unshift_command|unshift]]|prepend a word to a variable|
 +|[[usleep]]|perform a blocking sleep for given number of microseconds|
 +|[[wait]]|wait for completion of a command|
 +|[[xecho]]|print some text with more control over where it will appear|
 +|[[xeval]]|execute a [[block]] in context of a window or a server|
 +|[[xquote]]|send raw text to an arbitrary server|
 +|[[xtype]]|simulare raw user keystrokes (without processing of [[bind|binds]]|
 +=====Commands with many subcommands=====
 +|[[set]]|display or set one of EPIC's internal variables|
 +|[[window]]|manipulate your windows|
 +=====Server connections=====
 +|[[disconnect]]|close your connection with a server|
 +|[[hostname]]|get or set your hostname used when connecting to a server|
 +|[[ircname]]|alias for [[set realname]]|
 +|[[reconnect]]|disconnect from a server and connect again|
 +|[[server]]|connect to a server|
 +|[[bye]]|alias for /[[quit]]|
 +|[[cd]]|perform a chdir(2) call|
 +|[[channel_command|channel]]|retrieve information about a channel or [[join]] one|
 +|[[clear]]|clear all text from the current window|
 +|[[encrypt]]|maintain a list of cipher keys with users or servers|
 +|[[exec_command|exec]]|execute an external command|
 +|[[exit]]|alias for /[[quit]]|
 +|[[ignore]]|ignore messages from given hostmasks|
 +|[[lastlog_command|lastlog]]|grep through lines previously sent to your screen|
 +|[[license]]|read a software license for the EPIC software|
 +|[[mesg]]|display or set whether other system users can directly write to your terminal|
 +|[[query]]|start a private conversation with a person|
 +|[[quit]]|exit your EPIC client|
 +|[[setenv]]|set an environment variable|
 +|[[unclear]]|display text that was once [[clear|cleared]]|
 +|[[which_command|which]]|get a full path for a script in your [[set load path|LOAD_PATH]]|
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