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About Automargin support

Starting in EPIC5-1.4, EPIC has improved automargin support, which makes it easier to copy and paste long URLs.

These are the steps:

  1. Use a terminal emulator that supports automargins (they pretty much all do)
  2. Set your TERM env variable to something that supports automargins.
    export TERM=vt102am

    should do the job

  3. Restart EPIC after you've updated the TERM.
    It's not enough to just change the TERM and re-attach screen. It's a good idea to check this when you're upgrading.
    to get rid of the + thingee
    to get rid of indenting the 2nd and subsequent lines
  6. /SET FIRST_LINE :::
    or something if you don't use /set output_rewrite to prefix every line
  7. /SET WORD_BREAK<space><space><enter>
    URLs contain commas and dots and semicolons, and you don't want epic to word break on anything other than a space.

That should do it! Your display will now use the final column on the display, and urls should be unmangled when you copy them

If you “forget” to /SET -CONTINUED_LINE or /SET WORD_BREAK or /SET -INDENT and want to rebreak your windows in order to take advantage of this after the fact, you can always just do /WINDOW REBREAK_SCROLLBACK after setting things the way you need.

Note that you _must_ be running with a TERM supporting automargins or this will not change things!

You can check this by doing

/eval echo $getcap(TERM enter_am_mode)

If it returns blank, then your TERM does not support automargins.

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